Thursday, 19 November 2015

President Francois Hollande is clalling for a referendum

Citoyens et Citoyennes
As President of France I, and my cabinet are responsible for the safety and welfare of all citizens of France.  For the last 100 years France has been known to have been a more peaceful, less belligerent, more caring society with lessening territorial claims and greater cooperation with its former colonies and territories. In so doing it has lagged other major nations in the percentage of its budget spent on military affairs and spent more than the average major nation on aid to other nations.   It is in the French nature to choose peace to war and to be welcoming of people of all religions and races and cultures who wish to conduct the transactions between peoples in a peaceful way.  Although a secular state France has welcomed diversity in religion, race and political persuasion.  Of course it expects all people living in its borders to subscribe to these tenets and will take all steps necessary to protect the rules of liberte, fraternite and eqality

There are some living in our borders or visiting our country who do not have the same aims and goals of the people of our great nation. They have brought civil strife and a few days ago they brought death to our people based on the notion that theirs is a better way of life.  To them we say take your ideas and acts of violence elsewhere.  We do not want your murderous thoughts and actions here.

In order to preserve the France we love, I am calling for a referendum to be held on a date between Noel (Christmas) and the end of the current Gregorian year to be put to a yes or no vote by all those eligible to vote in any presidential election. The referendum will read as follows:

1.  Henceforth no more mosques will be built within the borders of France and all contributions received so far for the building of mosques will be returned to the donors.

2.  Henceforth for five years we will not allow new contracts for the purchase of oil to be made directly or indirectly with Saudi Arabia or any other Sunni nation dominated either by kings, presidents or dictators who lead a nation that is predominantly Sunni.  

3.  Those resident of France who have come from a Muslim country that does not subscribe to the same objectives of diversity as France will be allowed to stay, but on their departure for business, pleasure or family reasons they will not be allowed to return.  The same will apply to citizens of other countries who use Islam as a pretext for murder or civil disturbance or civil disobedience.

4.  All Imams will be monitored for their teachings and those who preach love and peace will be allowed to continue their work, but any of those who preach or teach any act of belligerence or incite acts of murder or any other bodily harmful acts will be arrested and given the choice of leaving within 48 hours or going to prison. 

Additions to the above referendum will be discussed by my cabinet and a full text will be circulated on a daily basis by TV and print media as new components of the referendum are agreed.  On 1 December 2015 according to the Gregorian calendar a final draft will be published and a final date set.  A yes or no vote will be requested and required by all eligible voters.

Vive la France

Francois Hollande 
President de la Republique