Monday, 18 August 2014

Fear of black magic keeps horned German from entering Dubai

“I have two horns. I think that was also a problem for me in Dubai.”
That’s what 55-year-old Rolf Buchholz told the Associated Press after he was refused entry into Dubai without an official reason. Unofficially, he says immigration officers were worried about him being a practitioner of black magic.
Buchholz was on his way to the relatively liberal Gulf city for an appearance at the Cirque le Soir nightclub in Dubai’s Fairmont Hotel.
He tweeted that he lost his luggage in the process.
Along with his horns and tattoos, Buchholz — an IT professional from Dortmund, Germany — is also the proud owner of a Guinness World Record 453 piercings, strategically placed from head to toe and, uh, various regions in between.
He would seem to be a perfect fit for the circus-themed venue, which, according to its website, promises “stilt walkers, midgets, contortionists, tattooed dancers, jugglers, drummers … magicians and fire eaters.” But no. Not yet, anyway.
If Buchholz ever does return, the club may be able to add “man suspended by hooks through his rear end” to its menu of oddities.
— Shawn Langlois

Flesh & Metal: Rolf Buchholz
The Most Pierced Man In The World

By Sean | August 19, 2013    
Check this dude out – Rolf Buchholz is the most pierced man in the world. He has 453 piercings, and that has gained him entry into the Guinness World Book of Records. Mr. Buchholz has covered almost every inch of his body, with 278 piercings in his genital region, 94 piercings in and around his lips, 25 in his eyebrows and 8 in his nose…plus he is covered in tattoos. I have to have respect for him because he found something he was passionate about and went for it. Rolf is a computer expert who has a love for metal! Check out this gallery of photos.
Photo by Nils Roe

Rolf Buchholz


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