Wednesday, 30 May 2018


About the Symposium
This one-day Symposium starts from the premise that much remains to be said about the Vietnam War’s origins, objectives of the sides, denouement, aftermath, impact on the Vietnamese diaspora, and lessons learned. Despite the thousands of books, articles, films and documentaries, the latest by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, recent and emerging scholarship continues to provide an increasingly fuller context for the War’s understanding. Now, 43 years after the demise of South Vietnam, it is time for a more balanced view, and for the South Vietnamese side to offer its experience and views for the consideration of scholars, the public and, importantly, the children of the Vietnamese diaspora.
The Assembly for Democracy in Vietnam (ADVN) is organizing this Symposium to allow Vietnamese and American historians and experts to present research and analyses as contributions to a fuller understanding of history and as guideposts for the future.